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About Us

Counselling Creatives

Feedback began as way to provide a safe zone for people who may not usually identify as needing mental health support.

We are here to support everyone and especially understand people working in the arts and entertainment industries as well as hospitality, small business, corporate and government agencies.

Feedback counsellors have lived and worked in similar situations as our clients and recognise the difficulties that they are sometimes faced with. We’ve seen the impact that mental health issues can have on our lives, our health and wellbeing.

We offer personalised support in a safe and private setting, to encourage and nurture our clients through times of personal crisis.

To start the conversation, please give Simon a call on 0402 714 688 or email via our Contacts page.

Feedback is a safe space where everyone is heard and all sessions are strictly confidential.

Simon Pyle

Registered Counsellor, ACA

My work has often centred around the creative, hardworking people producing Australia’s entertainment, in film, television, theatre, events and dirty rock’n’roll.

I’ve also owned and managed hospitality businesses involving complex international relationships.

I love our industries but I’ve seen the impact that working in them has on our creative teams – on personal relationships, on bank balances, on physical and mental health and wellbeing.

I became a qualified counsellor and started Feedback Counselling to support the crews and creatives onstage and behind the scenes, to help us all through the mental health challenges of our industry.

At Feedback, I ground my counselling practice with 20+years of entertainment and business experience to deliver personalised support strategies for people experiencing mental or emotional hardship.

I don’t judge. I listen and work on strategies to deal with issues as they arise on the job or at home. Together, we develop practical programs with proven techniques to use every day.

If you’d like to chat, I’d love to hear from you.


What our clients are saying

Instantly felt at ease

I’m so glad I found Feedback, especially during the hardest year for me professionally. I instantly felt at ease with Simon, as we connected in that way that industry people just do.

Technical Production Manager, Performing Arts Centre

Truly helpful

I’ve relied on Simon’s insight and experience to help guide me through some dark times. He’s easy to talk to and knows what he’s doing, he’s a truly helpful person.

Administration, Film & Television Production

Supportive and respectful

Thank for being so supportive and respectful of me as a young woman in the industry. It definately makes a difference to my world

Producer, Arts Festival

Simon just gets it

Simon just gets it. I didn’t have explain what I do, or what we all do in this business. I really look forward to my sessions with Simon, they feel like relaxed chats and they’ve helped me way beyond what I’d thought they would. Honestly, I can’t thank him enough.

Performer, Australian Music Scene

Great listener

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found Simon at Feedback Counselling to be a great listener with solid advice. Now I always leave with a better outlook and a plan to help me deal with anything.

Crew Member