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Feedback Counselling Services

Feedback Counselling offers mental health support for people experiencing emotional and mental wellbeing issues.

We’re an in person and online service that’s here to listen and to help you navigate through challenging times.

If you’re experiencing mood swings, feeling anxious, finding it hard to concentrate or worried about changes, it might be time to ask for some help.

The counsellors at Feedback understand that what you’re going through can be overwhelming. We are all going through it, and you are not alone.

You’re welcome to check through our site and when you’re ready to take the next step for your mental health and wellbeing, contact us to talk it through.

Check in with us

At Feedback, we’re trained to take care of your emotional and mental wellbeing.

It’s important you feel comfortable talking with us.

You’re welcome to call us to see how we can work together.

We can help you with


Everyone experiences anxiety at some time. It’s how we recognise the triggers and manage anxiety that empowers us.


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When someone describes their anxiety, they may use terms such as: anxious, stressed, uptight, nervous, frazzled, fried, worried, tense or hassled.

Although anxiety is an unpleasant feeling, it can be useful in helping you avoid dangerous situations and motivate the solving of everyday problems.

Feedback is here to help you talk openly and to work collaboratively with you, to learn strategies and techniques to help you now and into the future.

Mental Health

Many factors can present challenges within our lives that can impact our mental health and wellbeing, such as our upbringing, social expectations and changes that occur in life.

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Feedback Counselling understand these challenges through lived experiences and provide a safe, supportive and accepting environment for you to talk them through. We help you to recognise triggers and put in-place support mechanisms to guide you with short and long-term strategies.


Depression describes a range of emotions that effects our moods and ability to function at our usual pace.


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Signs and symptoms of depression are a depressed or constant dark mood, a loss interest in activities you previously enjoyed, lack of energy and tiredness, feeling worthless or guilty when it’s not your fault, thoughts of suicide, difficulties in concentrating or make decisions, difficulties sleeping or sleeping too much and a lack of interest in food or eating too much.

 If depression lasts more than two weeks and is affecting your ability to carry out your work, daily activities or to have satisfying relationships, you should seek some professional advice.

Feedback is here to listen and help you build resilient ways to deal with depression.`


Conflict can make us feel uncomfortable, and cause stress or breakdowns in communication in our private and work lives.


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Conflicts can be healthy and necessary in some instances, but when it becomes excessive and destructive conflict can have a negative impact in these situations. This when you should potentially seek professional help to learn how to best deal with conflict effectively in your life `


Work schedules can be challenging at the best of times and knowing how to navigate your feelings can help in uncertain times.

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Recently, how we earn a living, travel and our social and personal lives have all been dramatically affected by changes beyond our control. These changes can impact moods, our relationships, our belief in ourselves and hope for our futures.

Feedback Counsellors have been through similar experiences and understand how important it is to find support networks to help you deal with the impacts of change.

 We want to help you navigate change and overcome any stressful situations it can cause.

Peer Support

We offer mentor and peer support to guide colleagues through challenging mental health circumstances, drawing on unique lived experiences

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Feedback counsellors provide mentoring services and peer support in an ongoing and meaningful way. We offer emotional support, teach resilience skills, share knowledge, provide practical assistance and can connect people with resources and community support.
We help develop stronger connections with community and build strategies to empower professionals through peer networks.

About our process

Feedback Counselling Services specialise in a variety of professional therapy techniques to ensure each of our clients have a treatment program tailored to their individual needs.

Our counselling techniques are based on Strength Based Therapies to help our clients. Each person has their own set of challenges, and we create proven strategies to resolve them together.

Ensuring the right program is developed starts with our initial phone call, and this is your opportunity to see if our counsellors are the right support for you.

Learn more about Feedback and our process by following the link below or contact us on mobile: 0402 714 688


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